Oldie but Goodie

The SR-71 and its propulsion system was a ground breaking project undertaken in the late 1950’s. The speed and efficiency Skunk Works developed and prototyped a new aircraft and propulsion system is incredible. It was a great partnership between an aerospace and a propulsion company. This is the power of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Ramjet technology is becoming increasingly relevant today in this new hypersonic weapon’s race. Kudos to the engineers and scientists who made such incredible breakthroughs, essentially in the absence of any real computing power. This illustrates how powerful a strong understanding of fundamental physics and its applications are. Over 60 years later this concept is set to be implemented into the most current cutting edge technology in the world. VOSBs and other small businesses like Velontra live and breathe by this development model. Rapidly incorporate existing technology in new and innovative ways to win this weapon’s race.