Boldly Go

Velontra is moving forward into the unknown, as we rapidly develop hypersonic propulsion and platforms. We are proud to announce that we are teamed with University of Missouri Kansas City to pursue research and development in hypersonics. Our ability to rapidly prototype, combined with UMKC’s subject matter expertise and facilities will accelerate our technology development. …

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Hyper Focused!!!

The Pentagon has established Hypersonics as a top priority for technological progress. The plan outlines 4 phases for this. Phase 1 is “Technology development and concept demonstration.” Phase 2 is “Weapon system concept prototype development and demonstration.” Phases 3 and 4 are systems fielding and acquisition planes. In this first phase, agile VOSB’s and tech …

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Speed is Security

The old military adage holds true in the modern age. Russian and Chinese advances in hypersonics have created a standoff option for denial of U.S. assets. However, the good news is the counter to speed is more speed. Speed of weapons and possibly, more importantly, the speed of development will ensure the U.S. maintains technological …

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