Velontra Hypersonic Space Plane Flies into Y-Combinator

Velontra is building a hypersonic space plane that can takeoff from anywhere in any weather. This horizontal takeoff increases launch reliability and enables customers to directly access any orbit. Our air-breathing propulsion system is up to 6 times more fuel efficient than any rocket, and uses oxygen from the air which creates thousands of pounds of additional payload capacity. We have millions in current government/commercial contracts and LOI’s. We have assembled a team of industry experts, government senior executives, and a NASA astronaut. The hypersonic space plane will work by taking off from any runway with a jet propulsion system. Next, it will climb to over 100,000’ and
Mach 5. At this point, it will launch a 2nd stage rocket directly into the desired Low Earth Orbit. Velontra is “boldly going where no one has gone before.” and looking for introductions to any company putting anything into orbit. We are pursuing LOI’s and customer discovery.


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